Remember something,  the majority of people who join our tours are first time kayakers,  all that we ask is that you welcome adventure with an open mind,  we have several types of kayaks so you can contact us to discuss what you need

Where is Peru and where is Lima City ?
Peru is a beautiful country located in the west coast of South America, It is famous for its ancient culture, the Incas. Lima is its capital city and has a marvelous view of Pacific Ocean, here you will find several islands, huge cliffs and wildlife, it is a terrific place for sea kayaking
How much experience do I need to join one of the sea kayaking tours?
If you read "Beginner" in a tour description, experience is not required. 

If you read "Intermediate" in a tour description, you should have some kayak experience, not to much but at least a couple of times. 

If you read "Expert" in a tour description, you should know that you can paddle the distance of the tour, also you should know how to do a surf launching and landing in a sea kayak
What about the weather and sea conditions?
In Peru you can paddle all the year, we check sea and atmospheric conditions every day. Tours depend on these conditions but normally you always can paddle with us
How can I pay ?
Just tell us which hotel you are,  you can pay us when we pick you up
Who can not try this tours?
Normally everybody can try sea kayaking but according to our experience people in the following list should contact us to talk before booking a tour:

- People with extreme overweight and without sea kayaking experience
- People that feel fear of the sea,  you should not
- People who have some particular health problem